Mark Goff’s photos are available in three standard sizes: 8.5 x 11, 13 x 19 and 17×22. Larger custom sizes are also available apon request.

The photos are produced from the original 35 mm negatives, 35mm positives or 35mm color slides. Each photo is printed one at a time rather than mass production. The medium used to generate the photos are archival pigmented inks and archival semi-gloss or luster premium paper at a minimum of 10.4 mil weight. Each photo is shipped with a backing board and protected by a plastic sleeve.

Every photograph has as footer content that indicates name of the subject matter and the number of that subject mater sequence. In other words, if there are 14 photos of Janis Joplin taken at the 1969 Woodstock Concert, the number after the name indicates the frame number in that sequence. To the right of the sequence number is the edition number which are being grouped in blocks of 100. Also in the footer is copyright indicia as well as Mark Goff’s signature digitally generated.

Below shows photo name, “Woodstock Concert 1969, Janis Joplin” sequence number “11” and number 3 in the first printed edition of 100 photos.

The Scanning and Retouching Process

When 35mm film is in storage for over a decade there are certain aspects of archival storage processes that are important in order to preserve the quality of the image.

Many of the film frames were in storage, some for over 50 years had issues of emulsion degeneration, embedded dirt particles and film cracking. The process of restoring the images to optimum visual potential has been an important part of the overall project of bringing Mark’s collection to the public with the quality of presentation that it deserves.

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